Starting Out, Starting Right
"Winklers" Taping (FOX Studios, ABC-TV)

I’ve been to six tapings over the three years I’ve lived in LA. Tonight, I laughed the hardest I ever have. “Winklers” was absolutely hilarious. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments. Even whey they did re-takes, the jokes were just as strong.

Phil Rosenthal is a VERY talented writer, and the pilot episode was smart, funny, and contained the same warmth that was in “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I am a big fan and really do hope to work with him one day.

Henry Winkler, Judith Light, Ann Gilbert, and the rest of the cast were spot-on and worked so well together. I truly enjoyed watching every moment.

I sincerely hope ABC picks this show up to series. It’s about time we had a good family comedy on the networks.

Cover Letters and Resumes - Some Unsolicited Advice

Some unsolicited advice from an unofficial recruiter/intern coordinator/resume reader:

-If you’re going to copy and paste your cover letter, at least make an effort to have font types and sizes remain consistent throughout.

-Don’t address me as Amanda because my name is Gary.

-Spelling and grammar are super important. Don’t write like Yoda.

-Microsoft Word created margins for a reason. Don’t shift everything to the leftmost part of the page. My poor eyes can’t handle it.

-Don’t use font below size 10. Again, my poor eyes.

-Keep your cover letters short. If I wanted to read a novel, I’ll borrow a copy of War and Peace.

-You can be funny, but don’t be a smart ass. I know snark when I see it, and I WILL delete your resume within seconds.

-If the job description says, “NO CALLS,” please do not call. Even if I’m in the office, I will hide under my desk and ask reception to take a message.

What is a Hero?

We tend to describe our “heroes” as those who are “brave”, who “risk their lives daily”, who “show that it’s possible to instigate change where it’s needed.”

Do you know who else is a “hero”? It’s someone who recognizes the crucial need for change in his or her life; someone who understands that he or she needs to help him or herself; someone who takes action to put his or her life back on track; someone who is not afraid to confront his or her demons; someone who finally recognizes that there is meaning in his or her life - and lastly, who CHOOSES life.

On Writing

I was featured in this month’s Valley Ruach newsletter. One of the questions I was asked was about my writing. I wanted to share my response:


Knowing that you’re a writer, if you could make the idea TV or movie show, what would they be?
I have 2 pilots written and another I’m working on - they’re all multi-cam.  Norman Lear and Susan Harris are my idols — they did All in the Family, Maude, The Golden Girls —  lot of shows that were socially relevant — and my goal is to bring that sort of humor back.  Not so much to throw in references that would date the shows, but to give you characters that you actually give a damn about and where the characters drive the story, not the other way around.  I’m looking to hone my writing that way so I can make you laugh and make you cry.

Movie-wise, I want to take a stab at writing romantic comedy.  I’ve always wanted to do something with Jennifer Lawrence — I mean, who doesn’t? She’s so talented!(laughs)  I’ve also been mulling another idea around for a while…I’m an only child, so I never really got to know what it was like to have siblings…and so I’d like to write a movie about three brothers with different personalities and how they rely on each other, but how they fall apart over the course of time and how one — the youngest one — is trying to hold the other two together.

I’m all about characters and exploring relationships, and while I studied TV production in college, I also studied psychology and philosophy, because when I write a show or a movie, I want to know: What do these people believe in?  What makes them tick?  Why do they act the way they do?  And where can I create conflict and be able to teach people something without being too preachy?

The cut back is due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy

This should be interesting…